Country becomes horse-racing experts


Today marks one of two days of the year where the country becomes horse-racing experts, bookmakers have stated.

The Cheltenham Gold Cup takes place today and office workers everywhere have told colleagues of their best picks.

“I know absolutely everything about horse-racing” said Matt Clark, an occasional gambler. “My mate’s mate’s brother worked in a stable when he was younger, and he reckons that I should put a tenner on the favourite at 2.50pm. It is good on flat ground – has the right horseshoes for it. And the jockey is short which helps.”

” I do bet quite a lot on the horses. I won £20 on the Grand National last year. I don’t really understand how “odds” work, but I’m pretty sure that I can spot a good winner”.

“The good thing is, if it doesn’t win, I can make up an excuse as to why it didn’t and nobody will know any different.”

A bookmaker was contacted, but was too busy counting money to comment.