Donald Trump for PM, Scottish woman says

Donald Trump

A Scottish woman has declared her fierce support for presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“If they don’t want Donald Trump in America, we’ll absolutely have him”, Glaswegian bakery worker Pat Cowe has stated in a passionate Facebook post.

“He seems to have exactly the right attitude for this country. I’d personally love a register for Muslims in my bakery. It would help me decipher if they are a threat or just one of the other Asian religions”.

“It would be great for Scotland as well. He’s already invested in building more great golf courses on nature reserves. If he can’t get that wall built to protect America from Mexicans, he can at least rebuild Hadrian’s Wall and protect us Scots from terrorists and English people”.

Cowe, 52, has even started a petition and fully expects to have at least 20 signatures by April.

“I would even go far as to make him the ruling monarch. King Trump has a great ring to it and in no way shape or form sounds like a slang term for a giant fart”.