North Korea tests angry missiles

North Korea Tests

North Korea tests angry missiles, according to onlookers.

North Korea has tested angry missiles, launching the medium-range missiles 800km into the air, before they calmed down and fell into the sea.

“Kim Yung-Un had another unfortunate run-in with his barber which left him with no alternative but to launch a missile”, said Matt Clark, an onlooker. “I can’t blame him really though, it is pretty shit haircut.”

“I heard him say “I said not too short, you dopey prick” before he condemned barber Edward Shearer to 25 years of hard labour. The missiles were launched with so much anger, they went full on ballistic.” Clark went on to say.

The US condemned the tests, stating: “We get angry sometimes too – but we usually just launch a missile at a middle-eastern country with lots of resources. We’d never launch a missile into the sea. “