Unknown classmate adds man on Facebook


An unknown classmate has added a man on Facebook 10 years after he had left school, according to reports.

Avid Facebooker, Matt Clark, was surprised to find a friend request with in excess of 40 mutual friends.

“It was quite strange. I just got up and was getting ready for work when I noticed that I had a notification. It was a friend request” commented Matt Clark.

“I vaguely recognised her name, I think, but definitely didn’t remember her face from school. According to my friends, she was in the other side of the year and did Spanish when I did French. She was definitely cooler than I was.”

“Honestly, I have no idea why she’d want to be friends with me. I only ever post pictures of food and my cat.”

Matt Clark went on to explain that he decided to accept the classmate’s friend request, but there has been no other interaction since.

“I added her because I was quite low on friend numbers, to be honest. That, and also she’s pretty fit”.

“I was tempted to like one of her photos once, but got scared that she’d start talking to me, so decided against it. She hasn’t said hello or interacted with me in any way since I added her, but I can see a real friendship blossoming in the future.”