Greggs Pasty “Exactly how Nazi Germany started” says Eamonn Holmes


Eamonn Holmes has compared a recent experience in Greggs with a pasty to that of Nazi Germany, it has been reported.

Holmes, presenter for Sky News and pastry advocate, was involved in an altercation over a cheese and bean pasty.

“I love a cheese and bean pasty. But it turns out that Greggs had sold out of them, and only had cheese and onion ones left. I couldn’t believe it” he commented.

“I let my feelings known to the staff. I had only had a fry up and a bacon and cheese turnover that morning, so what else could I have done? I said “If Germany had won the war; this is exactly the sort of thing that would have happened.” Thinking about it, there probably wouldn’t be any pasties at all actually, apart from the cheese and onion ones as they are horrible. More like them schnitzel things, and massive sausages. ”

“The staff at Greggs apologised and informed me they’d be making some more a bit later on. So I of course returned.”

“I meant no offense, but you see my point.”