“Working from home” increases dramatically on Fridays

Working from home

“Working from home” increases dramatically on Fridays, research suggests.

Businesses everywhere have noted a significant decrease in office-based employees on Fridays.

“I find that I can work more productively from home” states Matt Clark, Marketing Executive, Walthamstow. “The office environment raises many distractions and I really need to meet this deadline.”

“That, and it is always dead on Fridays anyway. I thought I’d lay in bed all morning, and this afternoon I have a few errands I need to run while everyone else is working.”

“I would do them tomorrow but I’m meeting a friend for lunch and day drinking”.

“I’ll check my emails after a few hours to pick up anything urgent.”

Marketing Manager, Felicity Laggard, was unavailable to comment as she was also out of the office.