“Sod it, I’m off” says Teacher


A teacher today has declared that she is planning a holiday during term-time, despite protests from her school children and their parents, it has emerged.

Jenny Plumtree, of Cambridgeshire, has been a Geography Teacher for 5 years.

“Basically, sod it. Just sod it.” she commented.

“It’s alright for little Timmy to go on holiday during term time isn’t it, as it’s too expensive in the Summer Holidays. Apparently it doesn’t affect his learning if he has a week or two off, so sod it, I’m going away as well.”

“I very rarely get the opportunity to go on holiday, apart from all of the half terms, a long summer break and the occasional inset day. I’m a geography teacher and I think it’s in the little brats’ best interests that I travel the world a bit, to help my learning.”

“The parents say that this is what their children do on Holiday, and they can’t prove that I’m not going to do it either. I’ll take a picture of a river or something to show the kids when I come back. I won’t show them the one of me being sick in a bucket after drinking moonshine, although that would probably be the most educational of them all.”

The NUT is now in talks about yet another strike should the request be unsuccessful.