“I’ve been harassed at work” says Office Bike


“I’ve been sexually harassed at work” says Office Bike

Jenny Plumtree, who once had sex with her boss in the toilets of the Christmas do, has condemned the treatment of women in the workplace.

“I was asked, “Have you ever been sexually harassed at work?” in a survey, and of course I answered yes.”

“Sexual harassment in the workplace is completely wrong. Only on Tuesday, I wore an extremely low-cut top and short skirt, and intentionally rubbed up against a co-worker – pretending to get something from the fridge whilst talking about my underwear. I’m pretty sure he was staring at my tits.”

“I also remember a moment when, after I jacked off a colleague behind the bins on my lunch break, some of the men in the office called me a slag”.

“So what if I had a boyfriend? I think that’s irrelevant. I just wish people would treat me as an equal.”

“I think they’re still bitter that the boss gave me a promotion after the Christmas thing.”