Rail Union to strike about signal strength in tunnels

rail strike

Rail Unions are to strike about lack of signal that they experience in tunnels during their journey.

The news comes following reports that the RMT has instructed its members to strike as plans emerged to turn Train Conductors into “On-board Supervisors” from 21 August, adding responsibilities such as “opening doors” to their role.

“I went on strike as I don’t think it’s fair that I have to open doors. I haven’t had any training for that, and it’s not in my contract. I don’t even hold the door open at home for my wife” said Neil Cockburn, a Train Conductor on the Southern Rail Network.

“My contract only stipulates that I need to check tickets on a carriage, and if I must, answer a question or two. Occasionally, I’ll make an announcement over the public address system in as miserable of a tone as I can manage.”

“I’ve noticed recently though that I am unable to play Candy Crush or catch Pokemon on my train journeys as I am losing signal in tunnels. I’ve put it to the union that they should arrange a strike until the situation is addressed, which they’re planning at the most inappropriate time possible.”

“The best thing is that we can strike about absolutely everything. With a bit of practice, I’m hoping to become a tube driver.”

“Provided the signal improves, of course. Part time.”