Osama Bin Laden’s new single flops

Osama Bin Laden

Osama bin Laden’s new single flops, failing to reach the UK’s top 100.

The single, which was released earlier today along with his personal letters, will, and warnings to other countries, was produced by David Guetta and featured artist “Pitbull”.

“I wanted to move away from terrorism but unfortunately I collaborated with music terrorists Pitbull and David Guetta” he said in 2009, during an interview with Nick Grimshaw.

“I won’t make this mistake again. My next collaboration will be with Kesha.”

The news came as a further blow to Osama, who was assassinated in 2011, after his TV program “Keeping up with the Bin Ladens” failed to capture the public’s imagination back in 2003.

“Kim stole the idea off me, it’s obvious” he went on to say. “I was the first to be famous for releasing a tape, and it was much better than hers.”