Man leaves registering to vote late again

registering to vote

A man has today expressed his lack of preparation registering to vote in the EU referendum, again.

David Baudin, 28, formerly of Vannes, France, has resided in Shoreditch, London for the last 5 years.

“Initially, I wasn’t sure if I needed to register or not. It’s all a bit confusing really. I assumed it was fine. But then after my girlfriend told me off, I realised I had to. Reminds me of when I registered slightly late for my University place a few years back.”

“I could have done it earlier that day instead of leaving it until the last minute, but to be honest, I couldn’t be bothered. My Mum usually deals with all that stuff for me.”

“Fortunately, they extended the deadline of registering to vote by a few days, so I’ll leave it for a few days as everyone will be doing it now.”

Asked how he intended to vote, David had the following to say:

“I haven’t decided yet. I know that the EU referendum is really important, but why research in advance? I can definitely know everything I need to from 10 minute youtube videos.”

“Remember how at school you’d never bother revising in advance, you’d just load up on coffee and pro-plus the day before and exam and pray it works out? It’s pretty much like that,” he commented.

“Being French though living in England, there’s no way I’m going to vote to leave.”