Louis Theroux to explore limp handshakes

limp handshakes

Louis Theroux is to explore the dark world of limp handshakes in a new documentary, expected to be broadcast next Spring.

Theroux, known for his unusual conversational and communication style, admits he found this topic particularly interesting moving, whilst impossible to comprehend.

“I usually like to appear innocent and vulnerable when posing questions to racist thugs, barmy crackheads and religious maniacs, but you’ll see a completely different side to me in this one” he commented.

“I wanted to find out more about these people as this subject is a bit of a “taboo” and needs to be discussed. What has caused these limp handshakes? The deeper I went, the more disturbing it became. I tried to get to know them, but they were bastards, all of them. I just could not empathise with them – how hard is it to shake hands properly?”

“There’s no doubt in my mind after meeting a number of them that something is not quite right with them. I’ve been left traumatised. Every time I meet someone new, even if they look normal, I am anxious that they’ll stroke my hand and won’t look me in the eye.”

“The truly scary thing is their unpredictability. If they shake hands like that, what else are they capable of?.”