“I know how it ends” say Game of Thrones fans

Game of Thrones

Fans of Game of Thrones have announced that they know how the show is going to end.

“After watching the show for the last few months, I know exactly how it is going to end.  I haven’t read the books but, let’s be honest, who has.” says Matt Pritchard, an avid Game of Thrones fan and part time Argos employee.

“It was so obvious that Jon Snow would come back to life.  I watched a video on Youtube and it confirmed my view that Jon Snow must be a Targaryian.  Of course, I absolutely thought that before somebody who had read the books informed me. It was obvious. But who knew that Ned Stark had a sister?!”

“In a different video, they argued how Varys is a Mermaid and told me how Bronn is actually from Robson and Jerome, and my mind was blown. I am completely convinced.”

“It’s obvious how it will end from here, but I won’t share more of my thoughts until after it’s happened.  Let’s just say, a major character will die at some point, and we’ll see the Red Woman’s tits again.  Although, let’s hope they are Carice van Houten’s and not the ones which resemble giant ballsacks. Nobody was prepared for that.”