HR Administrator makes up an important job title

job title

An HR Administrator has decided to change her Job Title to “HR “working together” Leader, it has emerged.

Felicity Jobsworth, based in Farringdon, Hampshire, has been employed in the HR team of a construction company for the past 2 years.

“At first, I was employed as an HR Administrator, which completely made sense. However, since firing some victimised employees from other departments, which was great fun, I’ve got a greater feeling of self- importance and up-my-own-arseness.”

“To be honest, nobody really knows what I do most of the time, so I decided to change my job title to “HR Business Partner.” Apparently, that’s quite common – we’re working together to shape a positive way forwards.”

“Unfortunately, the Business Owner demanded I change this as he pointed out via email that I am only an administrator, not a business partner, and he’s never heard of me. So I changed my job title to “HR “working together” leader. It’s vague enough to make me sound important but not actually mean anything.”

“Pretty much like my job role.”