Everyone still hates Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks

Everyone still hates Azealia Banks, it’s been confirmed.

Azealia Banks has recently taken to Twitter to launch a racist and homophobic attack on Zayn Malik. Despite attempting to apologise for her actions, it appears the general public still think she’s a knob.

“She is just a bit of a twat really isn’t she?” says Matt Clark, part time DJ.

“I’ve never liked her. She once called me a “Dick Jockey” and said she’d scratch my CDs. But she doesn’t even know how to do that properly.”

Mr Clark was not the only person to have been offended by Azealia’s outbursts, it’s been discovered.
“She threatened to give me a paper cut” says Piers Morgan. “She is absolutely vile”.

Despite making the news, not everyone is convinced that she is a real person.

“Who is Azealia Banks?” asked Joe Mann. “I have no idea what she said or who she is, but I’m offended about absolutely everything, and this is no different”.