“My drink was spiked” claims hungover teenager

My drink was spiked

“My drink was spiked, which is why I am so hungover” claims teenager

Ateenager has today claimed that her drink was spiked after waking up with a thumping headache, a broken heel and the remnants of a kebab in her handbag.

“I have no idea what happened” said Jenny Plumtree, 18. “I’ve been drunk twice before but I have never felt like this the following day. One second I was fine, and then the next I had no idea where I was. I think I even had a menthol cigarette at one point.”

“It was so funny”, said her friends. “She was telling everyone that she loved them, fell over, and then fondled a stranger in the alleyway”.

“My drink was definitely spiked”, she went on. “I wasn’t that drunk before – I’d only had a bottle of vodka and 5 jagerbombs”