David Cameron unsuccessful in negotiating a new phone contract


David Cameron has failed to negotiate an improved phone contract, it has emerged.

Despite “hardballing” EE over his contract, negotiations have been unsuccessful.

“I really wanted an upgrade on my Nokia 3210, as to be honest it isn’t really working for me any more. I called up EE and told them that I wanted the new Samsung but they said that I have to pay £500 for the handset, £55 a month and join a 24 month contract.”

“I threatened to leave but eventually we reached a deal where I’ll still be paying for the handset and the 24 month contract, but I’ll now get 1MB of internet as well so I can update my twitter from my phone. Great deal.”

EE released the following statement. “He’ll definitely use more than 1MB on data per month. Plus, we didn’t mention that the £55 a month excludes VAT, and extortionate roaming charges.”